• A Tibetan Verb Lexicon

    A Tibetan Verb Lexicon

    This is the first Tibetan-to-English verb resource to be published in more than thirty years. It is a verb dictionary ...
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  • How To Read Classical Tibetan Vol.1

    How To Read Classical Tibetan Vol.1

    Do you want to learn to read Classical Tibetan? How to Read Classical Tibetan will show you—at your own pace—all ...
    28,00 €

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  • Learning Practical Tibetan

    Learning Practical Tibetan

    This book begins with a simple but complete grammar so that you can immediately begin to form own sentences. Tibetan ...
    14,95 €

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  • Sanskrit-Kompendium


    Das Sanskrit-Kompendium ist das erste zeitgemäße Sanskrit-Lehrbuch, das alle Möglichkeiten moderner Sprachdidaktik vollständig ausschöpft. Gegliedert in dreißig Lektionen mit Wort-für-Wort-Übersetzungen ...
    39,90 €

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  • Tibetan Calligraphy

    Tibetan Calligraphy

    In Tibetan Calligraphy, Sanje Elliott shows us how to capture the elegance and grace of Tibetan calligraphy without prior knowledge ...
    14,95 €

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  • Tibetan-Englisch Dictionary (Ind.)

    Tibetan-Englisch Dictionary (Ind.)

    Wellknown Tibetan-English dictionary in a nice compact edition. Recommended for all those that follow serious studies of Tibetan language.
    22,50 €

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