About us …

Who stands behind Logos Buchvertrieb?

Logos Buchvertrieb International, itself looking back to a 17 year history itself, sees itself as a part of a very old tradition.

Reading the old stories, again and again we meet accomplishers, nuns, monks and lay people who copied texts containing Buddha's teachings.

2550 years after Buddha's death, Buddhist masters ask their students to print the whole collection of his teachings, the Kangyur.

Translators take many years to transfer the teaching on the nature of mind into new languages.

Almost every buddhist center runs its own small library and a text shop providing Buddhist books.

Whoever spreads and preserves Buddha's written teachings will for certain collect good impressions into his mind.

Practicing Buddhists founded Logos Buchvertrieb and run it for Buddhist and for people who are interested in Buddhism.

Logos Buchvertrieb formed in 1988 as a buying syndicate, to create a simpler and inexpensive source of Buddhist literature for the multitude of newly arising Buddhist centers everywhere.

Since then many big and small Buddhist centers of all schools manage to constantly present their members with a great selection of Buddhist literature.

Through the sales in the center shops a small part of the funds is generated which is urgently needed for the further establishment of Buddhist centers in the west.

Private and end customers positively support this effect by helping to cover for the expenses that Logos has.

Some of our private customers simply order with their local bookstore directly from our catalogue, in order to save postage costs. But please be aware, that with your order at Logos you have the opportunity to support a really good cause.

With our work we wish to contribute to the task to further root Buddha's teachings in the West.

May all beings be happy

The Logos Team