Life Story of Milarepa

Life Story of Milarepa

Tibet´s Poet Saint

from Ken Albertsen, Translation by Lobsang Lhalungpa

Milarepa was a Buddhist saint who lived in Tibet 900 years ago. The story takes place along the northern slopes of the Himalayas. It is based in large part upon true events in his life.

Tibetans in particular, and others who are familiar with Tibetan Buddhism, place Milarepa in an exalted status, as both a folk hero, and a living Buddha. He stands squarely within one of the four main pillars of Tibetan Buddhism, namely the Kagyu lineage, which is an unbroken succession of lamas (lama, meaning: spiritual teacher) dating from ancient times.

Endorsements "Among the great realized yogis of Tibet nobody touched people through the centuries like 'Laughing Diamond,' Milarepa Shepa Dorje. Enjoy his words and find inner freedom!" Lama Ole Nydahl, author, Entering the Diamond Way and The Great Seal.

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