A Brief History Of Khubilai Khan

A Brief History Of Khubilai Khan

from Jonathan Clements

The life and times of the Mongolian founder of China's great Yuan dynasty.

His grandfather was the mighty Mongol leader Genghis Khan, his mother was a Christian princess. Grromed for authority from childhood, Khubilai snatched the position from the Great Khan, becoming overlord of a Mongol federation that stretched from the Balkans to the Korean coast. His armies conquered the Asian kingdom of Dali and brought down the last defenders of imperial China.

Khubilai presided over a glorious Asian renaissance, attracting emissaries from across the continent and opening his civil service to "men with coloured eyes". His story is contemperous with the legends of the so-called Prester John, the pinnacle of the Samurai, and Marco Polo's extraordinary journey to Xanadu. It is also the story of one of the greatest dynasties in Chinese history.

Paperback, 274 pages

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