Abhidharma Samuccaya

Abhidharma Samuccaya

The compendium of the higher teaching (philosophy)

from Asanga

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There are two systems of Abhidharma according to Tibetan tradition, lower and higher. The lower system is taught in the Abhidharmakosa, while the higher is taught in the samuccaya. Asanga was the founder of the Yogacara school and he converted his younger brother Vasubandhu, author of the Abhidharmakosa, to Mahayana Buddhism. Yet the kosa is written in verse which is usual for Mahayana treatises, while the Samuccya follows the traditional prose and answer style of the older Pali Abhidharma texts. This work was originally translated into French by Walpola Rahula, and is here rendered into English by Sara Boin-Webb.
The Abhidharmasamuccaya is an extremely important text of the Mahayana Abhidharma. It contains nearly all the main teachings of the Mahayana and can be considered as the summary of all the other works by Asanga. It is divided into two main parts: the Compendium of Characteristics, and the Compendium of Determining. Hardback, 360 pp.

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